Gift Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
New Year 19971997 AND Soft [?] Voronezh7 gift
Adam Bazaroff Gift2020Adam Bazaroff Speccy Bar Russia19 gift
ChinChilla BD Gift2020BD NihiraSH / MmcM Saint Petersburg28 gift
12apr2020Yuri Gagarin Goblin [?] Arzamas15 gift
Gift For ZX-Shadow v21998ZX-Shadow Diamond Group Moscow8 gift
Happy 30th Birthday SPECCY!2012ZX-Spectrum TheShich Nizhny Novgorod12 gift
BBS Gift (Disk Zapor Utility)1996STS STS Mosocw7 gift
WD Gift 20202020trefi Simbols [?] Chaykovsky46 gift
Happy New Year 2020 Natural Beep20202020 JeRrS / Neo Spectruman Russia20 gift
Happy New Year 2020 (16k intro)20192020 Phosphene Stary Oskol20 gift
7E420192020 Goblin [?] Arzamas71 gift
Soldier of Fortune Gift Soldier of Fortune Andy Inc Nizhny Tagil20 gift
Slayer Gift1997Slayer Fox G. Nizhny Tagil11 gift
RoboGift 1996Robocop Andy Inc Nizhny Tagil12 gift
Lazy Gift 1998Lazy Keeper Detonator Nizhny Tagil14 gift
Dryunya Gift (Profi)1998Dr.Smash Rainbow Nizhny Tagil14 gift
Gift for Beersoft Beersoft Andy Inc / Crazy Alex Nizhny Tagil9 gift
Anton 16 Gift1997 Anton Air Nizhny Tagil8 gift
Andy Inc Gift Andy Inc Scandall Jackson Nizhny Tagil 6 gift
Alex Gift Crazy Alex Rainbow Nizhny Tagil13 gift
Demo-Gift for EA-Soft1997EA-Soft Master / Klim Gromov / Megadate Group Moscow17 gift
Happy Birthday Jar1999Jar Jag Zaslavl20 gift
Happy Birthday Master Mind1997Master Mind Hackerz Design Software Tyumen18 gift
Lily Gift Last Part1999Lily Hackerz Design Software Tyumen19 gift
Happy Birthday BossBoss Hackerz Design Software Tyumen11 gift
TMK Gift 20192019TMK eYe-Q / ErrorSoft Russia18 gift
Not-Soft 20 Years2019Not-Soft DenisGrachev Novosibirsk28 gift
HB VBI2019Hacker VBI Pinny / NihiraSH Saint Petersburg21 gift
Happy Birthday Shuran2019Shuran ruguevare / nq / Nodeus Russia38 gift
Xmas Demo (tap) 19941994 Sharks Czech Republic41 gift
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