Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Topless Minidemo 10 Hidden part1996 Willis Software Dniepropetrovsk216 demo
Letter for Schiva1996 Factor6 Czech Republic37 demo
Rescue Crack Intro1996 Atomic Destruction Ryazan32 cracktro
Pro Desinger 1996 PlayGear Company [?] Kemerovo27 demo
Imperial Battle Animation 1996 DI-ALL Kemerovo16 demo
King Bounty 2 Crack Intro1996 Avela-Software Simferopol29 cracktro
Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo Crack Intro1996 Cybertronic Software Moscow18 cracktro
Metro-Cross Crack Intro1996 Power of Sound Izhevsk21 cracktro
Magnetron Crack Intro 1996 Code Gangsters Group Nizhny Tagil18 cracktro
Last Ninja 2 Crack Intro1996 Code Gangsters Group Nizhny Tagil16 cracktro
Cyclone Crack Intro1996 Code Gangsters Group Nizhny Tagil20 cracktro
Down to Earth Crack Intro1996 Code Gangsters Group Nizhny Tagil21 cracktro
Barbarian 1.1, 1.2 Crack Intro1996 Crazy Alex Nizhny Tagil24 cracktro
Wiking Crack Intro1996 Code Gangsters Group / Black Diamond Nizhny Tagil19 cracktro
Rygar Crack Intro1996 Lone Wolf / New Software Shadrinsk12 cracktro
River Raid Crack Intro1996 Oleg Zheludkov Makeevka14 cracktro
Treble Player1996 Dream Team / RoverSoft Chelyabinsk132 demo
Trans the Virus 1996 Maniacs Company ???100 demo
KEMKAT 2 1996 PlayGear Company [?] Kemerovo18 demo
BVC Boot 1.01 boot 1996 Black Valley Corp [?] Ufa14 demo
Demobit'96 Invitation Intro1996 7 Gods [?] / Raver Slovakia26 demo
Spiral of Onefold Demonstration1996 GPV Soft Moscow76 demo
DisMaster Gift (Pentagon) (512k)1996DisMaster Unicum Group Kharkov102 gift
Music Player 3.01996 TVM / Legion Of Steel Warriors [?] Moscow86 demo
Program Box Demo boot 1996 Perspective Group Vologda65 demo
On-Line Favorite Collection (e-book) 1996 Anatoly Apollonov Arzamas70 demo
VCI boot1996 Virtual Code Incorporated Prokopyevsk38 demo
Sex Mix 1 1996 Sergey Kozlov ???28 demo
Criminal Boot 1.0 boot 1996 Die Krupps Group Novocherkassk15 demo
BVC 2.01 boot 1996 ChemneSoft Ufa16 demo
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