Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
2033 (256b intro) 2021 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk4th on DiHalt ' 202116 demo
Digital Opera in 22 bytes (32b intro)2020 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk3rd on Hogmanay ' 202036 demo
THIS IS * [digital invasion]2020 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk1st on Demodulation ' 202035 demo
Rygar Crack Intro1996 Lone Wolf / New Software Shadrinsk12 cracktro
World Panic in 256 bytes :) (256b intro)2020 SerzhSoft ShadrinskRevision ' 202029 demo
Yes, don't be squares :) (128b intro) (Pentagon Fix)2019 SerzhSoft ShadrinskOutline ' 201931 demo
Crystal Castles Crack Intro1995 Lone Wolf / New Software Shadrinsk10 cracktro
Casey Jones Crack Intro1997 Lone Wolf / New Russian Guys Shadrinsk15 cracktro
Bugaboo the Flea Crack Intro1996 Lone Wolf / New Software Shadrinsk16 cracktro
Megademica Party Version (4k intro)2019 SerzhSoft / Gasman Shadrinsk1st on Revision ' 201961 demo
ZxMona (256b intro) 2018 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk37 demo
Kemshu Crack Intro1996 Lone Wolf Shadrinsk39 cracktro
Bear Bovver Crack Intro1996 Lone Wolf Shadrinsk29 cracktro
bumpa (1k intro)2017 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk1st on DiHalt Lite ' 201796 demo
Solar Disco (256b intro)2016 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk2nd on DiHalt ' 2016156 demo
32b SiGNAL (British scientists got SiGNAL) (32b intr2016 SerzhSoft ShadrinskOutline ' 2016130 demo
z80pi spigot (128b intro) 2015 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk372 demo
CALL256NOW! (256b intro)2015 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk1st on Chaos Constructions ' 2015521 demo
Irreality (1k intro)2014 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk1st on Forever ' 2014791 demo
Lava 2014 (1k intro)2014 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk1st on DiHalt Lite ' 2014711 demo
C2H5OH 2 (4k intro)1999 SerzhSoft ShadrinskCAFe ' 19991288 demo
C2H5OH (4k intro)1999 SerzhSoft ShadrinskChaos Constructions ' 19991241 demo
CC99 Gift (16k intro)1999 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk915 demo
Chaos Constructions 999 Intros Viewer 1999 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk707 demo
Dizzy (4k intro)1998 SerzhSoft ShadrinskFunTop ' 1998985 demo
Dizzy (8k intro)1998 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk921 demo
DoxyCon99 (4k intro)1999 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk705 demo
Fantasy Story 1998 SerzhSoft Shadrinsk986 demo
Galatrax (1k intro)2002 SerzhSoft ShadrinskForever ' 2002965 demo
Life (1k intro)2000 SerzhSoft ShadrinskPhat ' 2000948 demo
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