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1 Bit of Sunshine (beeper music) 2017 Jredd USA27 demo
22,52017 Goblin [?] Arzamas36 demo
22 Love Position Crack Intro1991 Michael R. ???7 cracktro
1K (1k intro) 2017 Goblin [?] Arzamas1st on DiHalt ' 201717 demo
4 in 1 Crack Intro Computer Forces Hackers Group Saint Petersburg13 cracktro
7 May20177 May Random Great / Yerzmyey Ryazan26 gift
7 Card Crack Intro1995 Black Eagle Company Tomsk 5 cracktro
1282017 Wishers ???Multimatograf ' 201720 demo
3D Roost Crack Intro2000 Fenomen Mogilev16 cracktro
3D Snooker Crack Intro1998 Duplex Associations Krasnodar6 cracktro
3D Star Strike Crack Intro Sliders Creative and Hackers Group Volzhsky8 cracktro
3D Star Fighter Crack Intro Sliders Creative and Hackers Group Volzhsky8 cracktro
2х2 (1k intro)2017 Baze / 3SC Slovakia1st on Forever ' 201730 demo
128Magnet Demo Part 21989 Br0mba / Recly Computer Company Poland23 demo
6 in Lines Crack Intro1997 Phantom Family Cheboksary14 cracktro
180 Crack Intro1997 Abeyance Latvia18 cracktro
180 Crack Intro Tornado Virtual Group Chausy21 cracktro
3D Pool Crack Intro Universal Company Incorporated Moscow24 cracktro
4 Protocol Crack Intro1995 Code Busters [?] Kharkov21 cracktro
48 Irons Crack Intro1995 Mafia Private Corporation [?] Kharkov24 cracktro
4x4 Off Road Crack Intro1993 Pavel Nikitin [?] Moscow25 cracktro
3D Grand Prix Simulator Crack Intro1995 Kent / MusicSoft [?] Moscow30 cracktro
4ACTuwku2016 Goblin [?] Arzamas67 demo
750cc Grand Prix Crack Ihtro Crushers [?] Latvia62 cracktro
1st Division Manager Crack Intro 1994 Max Iwamoto [?] Kharkov62 cracktro
48 утюгов Crack Intro1995 Virtual Brothers Saint Petersburg92 cracktro
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1-bit Mechanistic (musicdisk)2016 Tufty / Irrlicht Project Germany93 demo
3 Reyes Magos Crack Intro2013 Slider Cherkassy90 cracktro
71.000 Hidden Part 1996 Virtual Creators Krasnoyarsk101 demo
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