Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Flags of the World 1985 Andrew Bird United Kingdom65 demo
Scrolling 1985 Jean-Jacques Viemon France50 demo
Striptease Show 1985 Dirty Software Inc. ???47 demo
Crash Compo 1985 Jim Grimwood United Kingdom46 demo
Animation 1985 Bruno Saget France49 demo
100 Editions of Home Computing Weekly 1985 Andrew Bird United Kingdom43 demo
Elipses Spiral 1985 Zarsoft Portugal162 demo
Ocean Software Demonstration 1985 Ocean Software United Kingdom219 demo
Melotron 1985 Garzasoft S.L. / Investronica S.A. Spain246 demo
Astrologia 1985 MicroHobby Spain250 demo
Clivemobile 1985 Marcellino Gemelli / Load 'n' Run Italy161 demo
Aniversario 1985 Henrique de Oliveira Portugal143 demo
Musica 1ZX 1985 Henrique de Oliveira Portugal142 demo
Typography 1985 Novotrade Rt. Hungary154 demo
Kresz-Teszt 1985 LGL Software Hungary122 demo
Beatles Greatest Hits, The 1985 M And W Software Czech Republic74 demo
Star Seeker 1985 Paul Phillips / Mirrorsoft Ltd / MIS Studio United Kingdom159 demo
Spectrum Sprites Demo 1985 Robert Newman / Your Computer United Kingdom154 demo
Digit-Alk Toto 3 1985 HZ Hungary80 demo
Digit-Alk Toto 1 1985 HZ Hungary69 demo
Pro-Dos 1.1 Demo 1985 HJB / KSEL Germany129 demo
The Landscape Creator 1985 Brian James United Kingdom165 demo
Paint Plus Demo1985 Joe Gillespie United Kingdom110 demo
Typical Computer Shop, The 1985 TEL United Kingdom149 demo
Computer Salesman's Phrase Book, The 1985 TEL United Kingdom140 demo
IQ Test 1985 Zbynek Nejedly Czech Republic157 demo
Peepshow 2 1985 QW / Awk Software Germany512 demo
Border Efekti 1985 Aleksandar Radovanovic Serbia541 demo
View to a Kill, A Intro 1985 Domark Ltd United Kingdom812 demo
Spectrum Parlante 1985 Claudio Cimini Italy668 demo
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