Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Coca Cola Demo 2 Sir Thomas / Compunix / Maques Hungary9 demo
Coca Cola Demo Sir Thomas / Compunix / Maques Hungary10 demo
MIDI demo2019 Daniel A. Nagy Hungary8 demo
ABBATONE (256b intro)2019 Abaddon [?] Hungary2nd on CAFe ' 201912 demo
ULAp256b (256 byte intro)(ULA Plus)(tap)2019 Abaddon [?] Hungary4th on Árok Party ' 201915 demo
VDL 1984 Vidata Program Hungary8 demo
Print Beep Tamas Csakany Hungary8 demo
Mozdony ??? Hungary6 demo
MEP 1986 Magyar Televisio Hungary8 demo
Magyar Cimerek ??? Hungary6 demo
Kisvakond1983 Microcamping Hungary7 demo
Kellemes Karacsonyi Unnepeket1986 C.C.Guys / Magyar Televisio Hungary12 demo
Karacsonyt ??? Hungary8 demo
KaiSoft Demo KaiSoft Hungary7 demo
J.S.Bach D-moll Toccata And Fuga1989 Mikro-Fon Hungary10 demo
HSW 7 1990 Gabor Gal Hungary7 demo
Golybis 1987 C.C.Guys / Magyar Televisio Hungary9 demo
Gergely-Naptar 1989 Mikro-Fon Hungary4 demo
Extra Basic Info 1988 Imre Ferenczi Hungary6 demo
Digit-Alk Toto 3 1985 HZ Hungary7 demo
Digit-Alk Toto 1 1985 HZ Hungary5 demo
Beszel ??? Hungary7 demo
ZX X-Mas '18 (ULA Plus) 20182019 G.o.D. Hungary35 gift
Fire2019 Daniel A. Nagy Hungary15 demo
TFF Demo 21989 TFF Team / tiboh Hungary19 demo
TIC-TOC Intro (1k intro) 2019 Daniel A. Nagy Hungary1st on Forever ' 201929 demo
Music Demo 01 (Pentagon Fix)1989 The Cat Hungary88 demo
4 Channels Demo 21988 Janosy Zoltan / Kozma Akos / Hegedus Laszlo Hungary840 demo
Chrismas128K Songs2002 NyitraiSOFT Hungary504 demo
Fire4ever (1k intro)2004 edy / Weird Science Software HungaryForever ' 20041301 demo
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