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Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
English-Russian Dictionary 1.1 (Scorpion) 1995 Peter Apatity1 demo
Twin Worlds1994 Exodus [?] / Prophecy Poland1 demo
There1995 Exodus [?] / Prophecy Poland1 demo
Test AY-3-8910 Elite Hacker Club Kiev2 demo
System Boot v1.01 boot 2002 Deadie / Horrorsoft Cherepovets1 demo
Subliminal Extacy Test 1997 Pro Hackers Dynasty Minsk1 demo
Star Seeker 1985 Paul Phillips / Mirrorsoft Ltd / MIS Studio United Kingdom1 demo
Sistem Boot v1.2 boot 1997 Daimon ???1 demo
Sextris ??? ???1 demo
Power of Illusion Preview1995 Illusion / Prophecy Poland1 demo
One Sector Boot Setter 1.0 boot 1997 Inside Law Voronezh1 demo
Living On Video1994 Exodus [?] / Prophecy Poland 1 demo
Inner Universe Megademo1994 Extacy-3 / Prophecy United Kingdom1 demo
Hoojamergy 1 2002 ??? ???1 demo
Goroskop 1990 NVIMU Novorossiysk1 demo
Electronic Reference Book (e-book) Logros Saint Petersburg1 demo
Draw 1982 Psion Software Ltd / Sinclair Research Ltd United Kingdom2 demo
Dizzy-Y Help ??? ???2 demo
Dizzy-X Help ??? ???1 demo
Dizzy 7 Novel (e-book) 1995 XL Design Inc Saint Petersburg1 demo
CD-Player Demo1988 Players Software / Dimas Tsimlyakov United Kingdom1 demo
Acheron1995 Exodus [?] / Prophecy Poland1 demo
2 Midnight 2000 DeadMan Borisov1 demo
Logros Software 2 boot1995 Warlocks Group Yevpatoria1 demo
Garfield 2 Final Cut1990 The Edge United Kingdom1 demo
ZX Stag 1995 Technoman Group / Hacker Sanek Saint Petersburg1 demo
Virtual TR-DOS 2002 ZS Samara1 demo
Sound File Player 1.0 (Covox) 1996 Atlanta Hackers Group Pruzhany1 demo
Samba1993 SKL-Keeper Stavropol1 demo
ZYX EVA Studio boot EVA Studio Minsk1 demo
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