Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Top Decret Part 2 (e-book)1998 Spectrum Fanatics Group Moscow144 demo
Cool Rind1997 Mor / Hacker System Group / Spectrum Fanatics Group Moscow194 demo
Pacmania Crack Intro1994 Fanat / Famous Faces Factory Krasnoyarsk159 cracktro
Multi Player Soccer Manager Crack Intro1994 Fanatic Stas Moscow116 cracktro
Double 128 Crack Intro1994 Fanatic Stas Moscow117 cracktro
Madness Remix1991 The Mad Guys [?] / Fanatic Stas Germany762 demo
Robocop 3 Demo1992 Sinclair User / Fanatic Stas United Kingdom822 demo
Air Wolf Cool Intro Crack Intro Spectrum Fanatics Group Moscow749 cracktro
Blava Demo 1281992 RumatiSoft / Busy / Fanatic Stas Slovakia1130 demo
Electronic Zoo 1 1993 Fanatic Stas Moscow699 demo
Electronic Zoo 2 1993 Fanatic Stas Moscow698 demo
Hacks Amazing 1992 Sinclair User / Fanatic Stas United Kingdom840 demo
Light and Sound 10 Theo Devil [?] / Fanatic Stas Greece883 demo
Megashit Demo1995 Fanat / Famous Faces Factory Krasnoyarsk717 demo
Theo Develegas 1 1992 Theo Devil [?] / Fanatic Stas Greece689 demo
Theo Develegas 2 1992 Theo Devil [?] / Fanatic Stas Greece574 demo
Theo Develegas 3 1992 Theo Devil [?] / Fanatic Stas Greece565 demo
Wlom Demo1997 Spectrum Fanatics Group Moscow576 demo
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