Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
ButterFly (beeper music)2019 AER Malinovka7 demo
Savage 2 (beeper music)2018 AER Malinovka7 demo
Transposition (beeper music)2019 AER Malinovka5 demo
Extall (beeper music)2019 AER Malinovka18 demo
Prince of Mandarin (musicdisk)2019 AER Malinovka19 demo
Galoshi2018 AER Malinovka15 demo
Live Pool (musicdisk) 2018 AER Malinovka27 demo
18 Strokescat (musicdisk) 2018 AER Malinovka28 demo
PUSHAF (beeper music)2018 AER Malinovka3rd on DiHalt ' 201815 demo
BeeperStack (musicdisk)2018 AER / Sand / Mayhem [?] Russia2nd on DiHalt ' 201821 demo
Elite 5 (beeper music)2017 AER / Andrey Tereshchenko Russia/Ukraine16 demo
Hey 2017 AER Malinovka63 demo
AAA God2017 AER Malinovka48 demo
Dizzy Zombie 2017 AER Malinovka56 demo
Weather 2017 AER Malinovka45 demo
Memory Scanner2017 AER Malinovka41 demo
Rindex Banned2016 AER / krt17 Malinovka/Moscow85 demo
UPlevel2016 AER Malinovka98 demo
ZbEEp (musicdisk) 2016 AER Malinovka162 demo
Fuck to devAAAchka2016 DenisGrachev / AER Biysk133 demo
Stepstep2016 AER Malinovka89 demo
DrummFlash2016 AER Malinovka150 demo
Recorder AER Malinovka446 demo
CS Metal Man (musicdisk)2015 AER Malinovka595 demo
Blaxa-Muxa (musicdisk) 2014 AER / Alex Rider Russia719 demo
Savage I. 48k Game (beeper music) 2014 AER Malinovka604 demo
Bublaz (beeper music)2013 AER Malinovka685 demo
Cyber Beeper (musicdisk) 2013 AER Malinovka694 demo
Silver Axe 2013 AER Malinovka883 demo
Sonar 2013 AER Malinovka868 demo
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