Or how to use all this property?

Oh my God, where am I ?
Demos in demo-archive?
Other ?

Oh my God, where am I ?

This is a site and depository of files and program archives for the ZX Spectrum computer.
The only people who know this computer are able to use it.
The rest are welcome at:


It is easy to use emulators. Please download all three emulators available.
Just unpack the 'Unreal' and 'EmulZWin' emulators to any folder.
The 'Spectaculator' requires to be installed through the built-in installer.
It is shareware and will work only 30 days, so you need to buy it if you wish to use it after that.
After that, as it usually processes with all programs under XP, you are to open the file.
Files may to appear as scl, trd, tap, tzx and z80. Everything I'm releasing work with any emulator.
However, it might to happen that it works only with 'Unreal', or only with 'EmulZWin'.
After the installation of 'Spectaculator', every speccy file gets its icon and opens immediately, even beeing archieved.
Play GS musics with the 'Unreal' emulator.

Demos in demo-archive:

How to use the search service:
It is search field at the left. You may search by the name or by part of the name.
For that action you should hammer in menu a part of the name and press 'title'.
Example: I'm looking for megademo with a molly, made by Poles.
We're driving in the field word 'megademo', and pressing the 'title',, since it is the only one we know.
Searching for the word 'Poland' and pressing it. All demos from Poland jump out.
After that we look through the pictures and find 'Lyra 2 Megademo'.
The search by the year and by the author is also available.
Hints: If to enter word '(tap)' and press 'title', all demos in 'tap' format will be found;
or if to enter word 'megademo' and press 'title',, then all 'Megademo' will be found as well.
Where are and what are the Gifts?
The Gifts:
Press in upper part the yellow label 'Gift' and you will enter the Gift section.
Gift is when somebody is congratulated by program method, or, to say it in other words, post card with a melody.


Which Games archive is cooler?
The coolest archive is 'Volgodonsk'.
How can I find a game there?
Download the catalog to MS Word and press search by the name of the game you are looking for.
It will give you the name and disk number, then download the disk.
There is also huge archive with games at ftp (ZX Spectrum tzx Games Pack Part1+EmulZwin 2.7),
there are 14000 games in this one. Just what do anybody prefer.
All game programs are only for preview purpose and are not for sale.
You should buy or register them according to the existing copyrights.


There is a menu in the upper part of screen where it is placed menu for the observing of the news for different years:
News - these are fresh news, for the current month as a rule;
Old News - news for the current year;
2006... - news for a certain year.
There is a menu in the bottom, with all site chapters and search of the whole site, except demo/gift-archives.


This is a place where I heap for the download the huge spectummen collections.
All in all khalyava, free of charge, brothers.
Festival video and documentary matherial movies related to Speccy are also available (in Russian only).


The secret place with names/photos, of site creators will appear by pressing the label ZXAAA at the central page.
You can turn on the music from Speccy if Downloader is not installed. For this option click the icon with label AY Radio.
I have no any copyrights, everything you downloaded here is yours.
You are free with the choise where to post it further.
The general volume of the site currently is 12 gigabytes.
The site is unavailable on CD/DVD.