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Inspector Gadget and Circus of Fear Crack Intro 1996 Master Software Ltd Saint Petersburg6 cracktro
Cosa Nostra Crack Intro1996 Master Software Ltd Saint Petersburg4 cracktro
Wizard of Land Oz Crack Intro1997 Sudden Prodigy Incorporated Saint Petersburg12 cracktro
3D Star Fighter Crack Intro1997 Welcome Corporation Saint Petersburg3 cracktro
Mugsy Collection Crack Intro1997 Welcome Corporation Saint Petersburg3 cracktro
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Captain Trueno 1 And 2 Crack Intro1995 Volga Soft [?] Saint Petersburg3 cracktro
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Lemmings Crack Intro1997 Sudden Prodigy Incorporated Saint Petersburg3 cracktro
Last Battle Editor Demo 1999 WAR Group Saint Petersburg17 demo
Read Me!1999 WAR Group Saint Petersburg12 demo
Traec 1991 Piter Ltd Saint Petersburg14 demo
Star 1 And 2 1991 Piter Ltd Saint Petersburg17 demo
CGADreams (256b intro)2018 ErrorSoft Saint PetersburgCC ' 201815 demo
Chaos (1k intro)2018 ErrorSoft Saint PetersburgCC ' 201818 demo
Size Matters2018 Insiders Saint PetersburgCC ' 201828 demo
Maria Demo VVS Saint Petersburg13 demo
Unprotector1995 HPM / FT Saint Petersburg7 demo
1k_is_pretty_n!ce (1k procedural graphics) 2018 Black Fox Saint Petersburg1st on DiHalt ' 201820 demo
Cuper Marevo (beeper music)2018 Misha Pertsovsky Saint Petersburg7th on DiHalt ' 201822 demo
ToDK 20182018Goblin Misha Pertsovsky Saint Petersburg44 gift
Victory Center Ltd boot1994 Victory Center Ltd Saint Petersburg14 demo
Cvetochek 2018 Misha Pertsovsky Saint PetersburgMultimatograf ' 201841 demo
Hazard Dreams boot Virt Group / Creator Saint Petersburg35 demo
multifiller (256b intro)2018 Black Fox Saint PetersburgMultimatograf ' 201825 demo
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