Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Message from Smoke for Dear Users (e-book) 1997 Smoke / Clevers Group Chelyabinsk29 demo
Greatest Hits of Metallica, The (e-book)1998 Clevers Group / Triumph Chelyabinsk231 demo
Down To Earth Crack Intro1996 Clevers Group / Omega Hackers Club Chelyabinsk116 cracktro
International Karate Crack Intro1996 Clevers Group Chelyabinsk98 cracktro
4x4 Puzzle Crack Intro1999 Clevers Group / Triumph Chelyabinsk772 cracktro
Digital Sound Recorder1996 Clevers Group Chelyabinsk752 demo
Fable Dream Demo1996 Clevers Group Chelyabinsk830 demo
Faces 11995 Clevers Group Chelyabinsk997 demo
Faces 21995 Clevers Group Chelyabinsk980 demo
Faces 31996 Clevers Group / Omega Hackers Club Chelyabinsk1105 demo
Miles Mix Clevers Group Chelyabinsk752 demo
Mortal Kombat Music Demo Clevers Group Chelyabinsk614 demo
Opium Mini Demo1996 Clevers Group / Omega Hackers Club Chelyabinsk909 demo
Pungent Stench Inc boot1996 Pungent Stench Inc / Navy Syndicate of Dungeon Fantasy / Clevers Group Chelyabinsk766 demo
Gift 4 Jam1997Jam Smoke / Clevers Group Chelyabinsk794 gift
Gift For Smoke1997Smoke Clevers Group / Triumph Chelyabinsk703 gift
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