Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
Add Astra2023 Joker / Arise Design Poland1st on party ' 202330 demo
Ancoral (16b intro) 2022 Superogue / Marquee Design Netherlands3rd on Lovebyte Turbo ' 2022295 demo
Blueprint (128b intro) 2021 Superogue / Marquee Design Netherlands1st on Outline ' 2021614 demo
Superform (256b intro) 2021 Superogue / Marquee Design Netherlands2nd on DiHalt ' 2021563 demo
Damned Forest, The Crack Intro 1999 Unit Design Group Omsk141 cracktro
Clive (256b intro)2020 Superogue / Marquee Design Netherlands1st on Decrunch ' 2020196 demo
Fluxus (256b intro)2020 Superogue / Marquee Design Netherlands1st on Flash Party ' 2020281 demo
Darkwing Duck Game Demo v 0.0011994 Unit Design Group Omsk111 demo
Grand Demo1996 Hackerz Design Software / D.J.Serg Tyumen226 demo
Happy Birthday Master Mind1997Master Mind Hackerz Design Software Tyumen165 gift
Lily Gift Last Part1999Lily Hackerz Design Software Tyumen176 gift
Happy Birthday BossBoss Hackerz Design Software Tyumen158 gift
Dizzy 7 Novel (e-book) 1995 XL Design Inc Saint Petersburg150 demo
The Lost Party Invitro2019 Hellboj / Yerzmyey / piesiu Poland3rd on Forever ' 2019177 demo
THX ZX! 2018 Resistance [?] Norway1st on party ' 2018193 demo
TriNitroToluene Part 11992 The President / Las Norway133 demo
TriNitroToluene Part 31992 The President Norway137 demo
TriNitroToluene Part 21992 The President Norway121 demo
TriNitroToluene Part 41992 The President Norway142 demo
ZX Format 8 Intro1998 XL Design Inc Saint Petersburg97 demo
Canyon Warrior Crack Intro1999 Unit Design Group Omsk167 cracktro
Big Foot Crack Intro1999 Unit Design Group Omsk175 cracktro
Daytrip 2015 Ate Bit [?] / Desire United Kingdom3rd on Sundown ' 2015717 demo
Top Gear Crack Intro1999 Unit Design Group Omsk920 cracktro
Lemmings Part 2 Crack Intro1996 XL Design Inc Saint Petersburg827 cracktro
ZYX SD-Group boot Signature Designers Group / SD-Group Holscheviki630 demo
Reclame SD-Group Signature Designers Group / SD-Group Holscheviki464 demo
Kiss Me2013 Mick [?] / ESI / AAA [?] Russia/Poland1227 TS demo
Hot Joystick Digital Design Denmark716 demo
Art 1 1991 Raffinee Riche Design Group Poland1037 demo
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